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Battle Rope with Foldable Poster and Anchor KIT. Full Body Workout Equipment for Crossfit Training, Home Gym or Fitness Exercise. Poly Dacron Heavy Battling Ropes for Strength

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Most of the popular equipment known to increase power and strength is made of iron – but if you want a more intense, fast busting workout, you should definitely ditch the weights and pick up a BATTLE ROPE, the best Total-Body workout you’ll ever try.

Battle Rope whips you into shape in under 20 minutes with an amazing Full-Body Workout experience. For years they have been the secret weapon of football players, mixed martial artists (MMA), and other high-level athletes around the world.

Now it’s your turn to discover what they can do for you!

battle ropes FireBreatherbattle ropes FireBreather

weighted ropes for exercisesweighted ropes for exercises

Reach your Fitness Goals in 1 Solid Workout Session

The best of Battle Rope Training is that it has it All. In just 20 minutes, it challenges your core, abs, arms, shoulders & legs simultaneously for a Full-Body workout that will develop both Strength and Cardio at the same time.

No matter what´s your fitness goal, Battle Ropes will get you there. Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Improve Mobility, Build Resistance, Increase Stamina, and much more!

Also, they´re fun to use. Unlike the relatively static movement of lifting and lowering a barbell, using Battle Ropes is a dynamic, ever-changing form of motion for an unparalleled training experience. The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged, instead of simple static weightlifting and treadmills

Perfect training equipment for Men and Women of all Fitness Level.

battle ropes anchorbattle ropes anchor

What’s the Best Rope Size for you?

The longer the Battle Rope is, the heavier it becomes and therefore more challenging for you. Shorter ropes aren’t as fluid, but they allow for smaller spaces. Because your rope will essentially be folded in half at an anchor point, you need a straight line that is half the length of your rope. For a 50′ rope you’ll need 25 feet of clear space.

If you are a beginner at rope training, 30ft will be easier to hold and use. The longer one is more suitable for challenging intermediates and pros.

Approx. Rope Weight:

1.5″ x 30 ft – 18 lbs1.5″ x 40 ft – 24 lbs1.5″ x 50 ft – 30 lbs

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Battle Rope

Battle Rope

battling ropes

battling ropes

power rope

power rope

Foldable Poster for Unlimited Workouts

Never get bored again when training. With this Bonus poster, you can virtually train every day without repeating the same combination of exercises

Anchor Set to take your Workout Anywhere, Anytime

Bonus attachments anchor our gym rope to a weight bench, tree & more for the perfect gym equipment for home or outdoors. It fits in your schedule anytime, anywhere.

Includes 2 Heavy Duty Anchor Straps and 1 Stainless Steel Carabiner

Protection Sleeve for Maximum Durability

100% Poly Dacron, Wear Resistant and Durable, our sleeve protects the rope from friction and fray, more durable and will last many years of usage.

★ BONUS #2 – ANCHOR STRAP SET & PROTECTIVE SLEEVE: Don’t spend money to protect your Battlerope from friction or fraying. Extend its life by connecting the anchor strap to fixed or weighted points
★ STRONG AND LEAN IN JUST 20 MINUTES. Combat Ropes will get you in the best shape of your life. It’s an explosive FULL-BODY WORKOUT to make you Gain Muscle, Improve Cardio, and Burn Fat. Challenge your Upper, Core, and Lower Body simultaneously in shorter excersize sessions
★ GREAT FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Conditioning Ropes are intense but can be used safely by men and women of all levels. Longer and thicker ropes have more weight and therefore provide more powerful work out. Available in 30 40 or 50 Ft
★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We’ve engineered our FireBreather Battle Ropes with the Absolute toughest Poly Dacron. If you’re not thrilled just return it for a full refund

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